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Anonymous: what is ur sexuality? are u lesbians like berg and ana?

no i am heterosexual, and as far as i know neither of those two are homosexual…i could be wrong?

did something happen that would prompt this? i’ve been inactive on tumblr the past few weeks

does it have something to do with that “cocky” thing?

mathmusicreading: Please ignore the anon who included you in trying to cause trouble. Opinions aren't facts and others' don't matter. I think you're amazing though; you don't seem cocky or overrated at all to me.

aw, thank you

honestly it didn’t bother me, the person said i didn’t think i was overrated, but even if they did it wouldn’t matter…i’m hardly one of the more popular writers in the rivetra fandom, but just because someone is jealous of other people wouldn’t make my writing better or worse than it actually is

thank you so much though!

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Describe my writing anonymously.
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also btw you need to tell me what i did well and what i did poorly in that nsfw fic
b/c not only was it my first time writing semi(not really)-smut but i also don’t read nsfw fics hardly ever
also i feel like the characterization was off
so please help a girl out

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i think my favorite rivetra fanwork would have to be that “what’s in a name” comic thing
it gets me every time

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It’s driving him up the damn wall.

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i know i’ve only completed 3 of the prompts so far but i will be completing all of them
expect at least one today

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note: please let me know if levi seems ooc b/c i feel like he is, but this is a…different kind of situation

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Anonymous: who is ur favorite rivapeto writer?


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It becomes sort of a game, guessing which member of his squad will return first.

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